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Waltham, MA

For nearly 15 years, at several different companies, I’ve used Bruce and his team to guide us through all the intricacies of health insurance, all other employee benefit plans and human resources consulting. Bruce and his team have been there for me whether at a 3 person startup looking to put together their first benefits package, a 100 person open enrollment meeting, or advocating for an employee having challenges navigating the medical claims process. I can rely on Bruce and his people for their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the needs of technology companies and their unique requirements in maintaining benefit packages to attract and retain the best people. In addition, Bruce and his team’s responsiveness is, hands down, beyond any service providers I have experienced. They respond quickly no matter what time or day of the week it is. Bruce and his team will work hard to earn and keep your business year after year. I whole heartedly recommend them to companies seeking the best representation for their employee benefit needs.

Tom Barone
Consulting CFO

Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution

Waltham MA

I used to dread our annual open enrollment period. Until we began working with Bruce, we did not know just how little our past broker was doing for us. Bruce prepares detailed analyses of our insurance options and clearly explains our choices each and every year. With his help, we have cut our health care costs significantly without compromising on the quality of the health insurance we offer to our valued employees. Staff members have taken the time to thank us for providing them with more affordable health insurance options. We could not have done this without Bruce’s hard work. Every year our open enrollment process gets easier.

Thank you, Bruce!
Scott Evans

Xtra Effort Solutions

Westford, MA

I have known Bruce for decades and have been impressed with his ability to advocate for his clients.
Consequently, when he informed me of his establishing his own employee benefits business, Xtra Effort immediately embraced his services.

The outcome was a thorough review of Xtra Effort’s benefit needs, our current program, and well documented alternatives with varying degrees of service and saving possibilities.

Bruce, as expected, was patient and knowledgeable in explaining the implications of each option. He took the time to insure that all parties were informed and comfortable.

Xtra Effort saved money and had a favorable experience in learning our options.

Mark Rodman

Supporting Strategies

Beverly, MA

Bruce has been an invaluable resource for Supporting Strategies.  He offers our clients his expertise in how to best design and implement benefits programs that fit their unique needs, and partners with them to support their team as their employee base grows.  Bruce provides timely and thorough advice and service which allow our clients to take great care of their teams.  We can always count on Bruce to make it easier for us to best serve our clients with their HR support needs.

Leslie Jorgensen
President & Founder

JD Service Center

Brookline, MA

As a business owner, the increasing cost of our benefit plan is a major concern, especially health insurance. Appointing Bruce Crohn as our broker of record was a great decision. His knowledge of the various carriers and their complicated rules for small businesses saved us time and money. He gave us great advice and that has helped us offer a competitive plan for our employees.

His team’s responsiveness to our questions and attention to detail are critical components of our relationship. I highly recommend Bruce.

John Douros